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Sindri is handwritten by Sandra Castillo, Sindri infused her original erotic ghetto bop tracks with live sensual vocals, rnb a smooth project flow, mixing electro-pop and ambient electronica with synths.


This album is majestic and deserved the ressurection dsd format encoding 5.8 mhz for listening comfort masterful.


This album introduces the iso-sacd dsd label and Angstxian and for sure to will please audiophiles.



size: 2 giga

format files: 8x .DFF files


price: 12$






To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release ANGSTPRODLP 04 Fractional Hliods LP, Angstprod is pleased to present the updated in dsd format 5.8 mhz of this fabulous album, debut album of Fractional he was the most downloaded album of the label and also the most sophisticated.

Fractional is a quiet young man called a quiet Pierre.

His music Can Be qualified as Gothic Erotica I guess, a dark and brooding Electronica with a strong jungle aftertaste. His stone literally vomits brokenbeats and torture em to submission, waxing em with various bleeps and crackles, smearing mystical pads on Their Almost bruised bodies "



size: 2.8 giga

format files: 8 x .DFF Files


Price: 12$


ANGSTXIAN is the first semi-label dedicated to ISO - SACD ( super audio cd image ) and DSD. Started by Alexandre Casademunt the 5 November 2014,  Be ready to make a jump in the future !

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