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"Les Neiges Noires De Laponie" is back with a LP called "OLMMAI" means "man" in Finnish, Mixed art styles music album with post-flashcore industrial, power electronics breakcore with some Dadaism structures and mechanical impulse cold as the snow from time to time and spacey psychedelic saturation and macro-structures clashing.  Some Passageways are more Athmospherical & industrial drum and bass, neuro-industrial and complex agressive machineries that stay focused and precise, futuristic feel, metallic ear-candy. Available on CD and Digital


Out now on LNNDL Bandcamp HERE


"Garage Industrial ambiances shaped into a Breakcore anarchy, while you start listening it you get trapped..."


Available on Toolbox





Les Neiges Noires De Laponie - Askafroa PVF03CD (digisleeve edition) has been repressed, This is LNNDL's second album, Composed in less than 1 month in 2016, it's a mix of XP speedcore, glitchcore, flashcore and post-breakcore. It wants to be a Christmas story written in 7 parts, conceptual and contemporary; made up of multiverses that form the fractal of a snowflake, it is an album without concession,


Ranging from the extraterrestrial thinking technology of the ice planet Ix from the novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert, to the mythology and shamanic beliefs of the Scandinavian countries attributed to the Sami people of Finland.


The branches of the snowflake constitute so many risky, improbable and ephemeral paths surveyed by the human race Illuminated by "its suns" or these "buffoons" swearing only by the (crist)al...

this crystal is precisely the only rare resource on planet IX and is also synonymous with danger for the authorities, its scarcity sounds revolt...


What remains to forget? nothing like a long endless walk towards the unknown in the depths of oneself, "mánnu" is the true depressive art the true identity, it is the state of mind of the moment and of its own marked loneliness, this long walk in a reality that does not belong to us, this famous 'crop-circle' with multiple Hebephrenic faces.

Available on PVF Bandcamp Here

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